Custom Homes      


When you trust the Baldin family with your hopes and dreams for your
new home, you can rest assured that they will do everything possible to
realize them.

The Baldin brothers grew up in the construction industry. Their father,
Pietro Baldin, founded Baldin & Beltrame Construction Company Limited
over thirty years ago and provided his sons with construction and
business experience.

Together, Tino and Peter are an unbeatable team, with each focusing on
what he does best to successfully meet their client’s needs. Tino meets
with the clients frequently throughout the process and does most of the
design work while Peter supervises and coordinates the on-site work. In
addition, many of the trades and suppliers have worked with the Baldin
family for over twenty years and have been chosen for their quality–
not price!

Quality and service has earned the company a solid reputation and an
excellent rating from the Ontario New Home Warranty Program. For the
Baldin family, each home is a unique expression of its owner and never
duplicated. Every aspect of the project from design to price is tailored
to meet the needs of a particular client. Each service from custom
in-house design to interior decorating is designed to provideclients with
an optimal level of choice and control.